Safety is Crucial

Salus Safety focuses on height safety.  We want to give anyone who works at height confidence that they will be home at the end of the day and help prevent the terrible toll on family and friends because their loved one was injured or lost.

So, safety is CRUCIAL which is more than just important. Important may only get a nod, whereas crucial is a MUST.

We provide a range of safety services and products.


Residential Safety Netting

Image to the right taken in Christchurch during the earthquake rebuild in 2013 Book an installation here

Commercial Safety Netting

Environmental Netting

Bird Netting
For warehouses, factories & under canopies
Image to the left of a bird netting installation in a Transport company warehouse in Auckland in 2012 

Debris Netting & Sheeting
Improve workplace safety during building & maintenance

Perimeter Netting
Keep facilities clear of litter & rubbish

Racking Nets
Secure stock on shelves, protecting people & product

Design and installation

Indoor Sports Nets

Dividing, wall, & ceiling nets

Outdoor Sports Netting

Design & Installation
Ensure your building is a safe place for height workers

Fall Restraint Systems
Choose from a range of Sayfa fall restraint products

Roof Safety Products
Prevent falls & protect roofs with walkways, ladders & guardrails


Machine Safety Engineering
Enhance worker safety around machine plant with a specially-designed fall restraint system, including ladders, platforms & safety lines

Roof Safety Engineering
Get a height safety system for your building that ensures safety for height workers, with minimum physical or visual impact.

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